Check On Me

I've added a snooze option that lets you turn off the service for 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Here's how the program works:

1. Set your awake and sleep times.
2. Check the days you want check on me to check on you.
3. Enter your emergency contact number to text (5135554444)
4. Enable/Disable sound (after 45 minutes of inactivity the screen will light up and optionally make a dinging noise).
5. Click save.

Just some random notes about the program:

1. Task killing programs (which aren't even necessary for android phones) will most likely cause Check On Me to stop working. Advanced task killer prevented the phone from sending a text while idle even after allowing the check on me service to run, so it must interfere with the sms service.

2. I'd like to in the future incorporate sending a GPS location to the emergency contact. Not sure if I should let someone text the person to get the GPS location or have Check On Me automatically send it. Leaning towards texting to get it on demand.

3. I've thought about having a set of wake/sleep times but mine don't vary to the point that I need to setup different schedules. If you think it's worth doing let me know.

4. Should I allow more than one number in the emergency contact field?

5. I will probably make the program send a text and an email, in case wifi is available and the cellular network is not.

That's it for now!

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