Battery Commander v1.84

If you are interested in getting beta versions of my app let me know via the comments or email!
  • Remember: to receive multimedia SMS messages you have to turn on 3g/4g temporarily.  I think you get a message that says something like "couldn't download multimedia message" in your text messaging application.  
  • Auto Disable 3g/4g on Wifi - Whenever you connect to a wireless network, the app will automatically disable sending data over 3g/4g (which is the most effective method of battery preservation).  So while you are out, you can enable 3g/4g and then when you get home and your phone connects to wifi, it will auto disable 3g/4g instead of you having to remember.
  • Auto Enable 3g/4g on Wifi Disconnect - Whenever you disconnect from a Wifi connection, 3g/4g will be enabled.  Choose this option carefully because if you disconnect from Wifi and go to a location with a weak 3g/4g signal, it will drain your battery.  I prefer to manually toggle on 3g/4g whenever I want it enabled but I'm sure others prefer everything be handled automatically and always want to be connected.
  • Auto Brightness - added option to enable auto brightness from Battery Commander.  When unchecked, will revert to the last value set manually with the slider or 7% if no value was ever set.
  • Pulse mode has been fixed and is set to two minutes.  I prefer turning on 3g/4g on demand so I'll have to wait for feedback on this feature.
  • If you hit the menu button, you'll see options to browse to this blog (release notes), email me (developer), rate the app (takes you to the google play store listing), and share (let's you forward a link to the app to friends).
  • Every 10th time you launch the application, it will prompt you with a message asking you to rate or share the app.  Once you do either of those, it will never prompt you again.  I think I have to have some people rate it in order for users to be able to search for it in the play store.  Right now, even if you search for the exact name of my application, you cannot search and find it in the app store :(.
  • Renamed some buttons/toggles (Home=Wifi, Away=Standby, Data=3g/4g
If you have any questions/suggestions don't hesitate to email me.  Thanks!


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