Battery Commander v2.03

Major changes:
  • Check boxes have moved from main screen to Menu Button -> Options
  • Added battery button that takes you to power usage screen
  • New "Require Strong 3g/4g Signal" option with the ability to configure how often to check the signal strength
  • Older phones now have their own options screen because they don't support the Number Picker for the signal check delay.  Defaults to 15 minutes and I will add a method to change this in a future release.
The new "Require Strong 3g/4g Signal" option prevents your phone from using mobile data if you have less than 2 bars (the lower the signal strength, the more battery power is used to send data).  The check delay is the amount of time the app will wait to check and make sure the signal is strong enough to remain enabled or to re-enable.  I've changed it so that if you are connected to power (like in the car) it won't disable 3g/4g.  That should help with streaming music.  I would also recommend keeping the delay at 10 or 15 minutes because the phone can become a bit sluggish disabling and enabling 3g/4g.

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