How to use Battery Commander

The goal of Battery Commander is to save battery power by minimizing the use of mobile data (3g/4g).  Mobile data is by far the biggest drain on your battery.

***Keep in mind that in all modes, your cell phone can still make/receive calls and send/receive text messages.  To download MMS messages, you will need to enable 3g/4g.***

The simplest way to use Battery Commander is to click Wifi when Wifi is available, and click All whenever Wifi is unavailable and you want to use data on your phone.  When you are done using data, click Wifi (or Standby) to save battery power.  This alone should make your phone retain battery power through the day.

Click Standby to maximize your battery saving when you don't need data on your phone.


Click Pulse and while you aren't using your phone, it will be in standby.  Whenever you unlock it, it will enable 3g/4g and Sync for 2 minutes.

Want Battery Commander to do all the work saving your battery but always want to be connected?  Go into menu -> options and check all the options.

Options and recommendations (in parenthesis) for each:
  • Auto Enable 3g/4g on Wifi Disconnect (Disable) - Use this option if you always want data enabled on your phone.  As soon as you lose a wifi connection, 3g/4g will be enabled.
  • Auto Disable 3g/4g on Wifi (Enable) - Turns off 3g/4g when Wifi is available.  It is much more battery efficient to send/receive data over Wifi.
  • Require Strong 3g/4g Signal (Enable) - Prevents your phone from wasting battery power trying to stay connected and send/receive data over a poor 3g/4g signal.  That is what your phone is doing when it gets very hot while poorly connected.  I set my Cell signal check delay to 10 minutes.
  • Engage Standby Mode on Low Battery (Enable) - Puts your phone in Standby to maximize battery power when power is low.
  • Toggle BT (Enable) - Some phones have trouble turning bluetooth on and off quickly.  If your bluetooth ever gets stuck in the OFF position, disable this option.  This will prevent BC from trying to toggle BT.
  • Toggle Sync (Enable) - Only disable this if you want to manually control when the phone syncs.
Themes: Right now you can select a bunch of different backgrounds, but most work going forward will be creating cool looking themes so keep an eye on this option after each update!

Lastly, if you like my app please rate it!  Thanks for installing Battery Commander!

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