Ava Heroquest level 1 finish!

After beating the main boss in the center room of the dungeon, Ava saw there was one unexplored room left. In the hopes of finding more treasure, she decided to explore that room before heading to the exit.

She opened the door to find two chaos warriors and a treasure chest! No problem she thought! I'll setup my heroes by the door so they would surround the enemy charging toward them!

Ava took out the first chaos warrior relatively easily. The second choas warrior moved into position and rolled 3 attack die, while the warrior rolled no shield.. and died!!!!!  He only had 3 body points at the start of battle! Ava thought: "It's alright, I have 3 more heroes surely they can beat them!"

Then the dwarf fell, followed by the elf! The wizard was left alone with 2 body points to fend for himself against the last remaining enemy in the dungeon.

The wizard took one whack at the warrior and it was blocked! Then he tucked tail and ran! Ava moved but the chaos warrior managed to catch up. He attacked, 2 attack die rolled! Ava defended, 1 shield, the wizard is about to die!

Ava cast swiftness on her wizard giving him 4 movement die to roll and she quickly escaped the encounter.

Ava thought: "Hey I am pretty far away from him I'll go search that treasure chest before leaving the dungeon, he'll never catch up!" So she did and found.... nothing!!!! Now she just needed to hightail it outta here without running into that warrior!

She moved north/west to make another circle around the rooms...  but the chaos warrior was smart enough to move through the doors.. and he caught up with her!

Ava was panicking!!!!

The chaos warrior attacks... 1 skull! Ava defends, 1 shield!!!!!!!!

Ava rolls and escapes the dungeon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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